is a broker in managing products and services electronic transactions; negotiated with stakeholders, suppliers, benefit associations, franchises, and independent retailers. With over eleven years of experience in the constantly evolving technology market and having negotiating power for large clientele, can and knows how to get rates, prices, and exclusivity agreements from various specialist suppliers. By doing so, it makes the company benefits more competitive and efficient.

Our team works specifically in the field of placing points of sale (pos) and ATMs (gab), and implementing efficient and popular programs of gift / loyalty cards, making them refillable and affordable. In a market controlled for a long period of time by banks and companies with expensive national loyalty programs, our services increase customer loyalty and sales at the local level. offers an effective and much less expensive alternative that meets requirements and standards and actually makes the process enjoyable for existing business partners and franchisees. Put us to the test and try our service !

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